The Luton DART team are fully committed to providing a comfortable, accessible journey for everyone across our network. Our service caters to all passengers with reduced mobility, visibility, or hearing, as well as the elderly and families with young children.

How to book support

Accessibility support should always be booked directly through your airline or train operator when purchasing tickets. This notification is then passed to the Luton DART team to assist you with your handover across the DART network.

If you require further assistance at our stations, speak to member of our team or you can connect with our operations team via the help points situated throughout the stations.

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Station Features

Signpost Lifts (1)

Lifts & Escalators

New lifts and escalators have been installed at each point of the journey to London Luton Airport. This supports passengers with reduced mobility, as well as anyone travelling with prams or large luggage.

Signpost Paving

Tactile Paving

For passengers travelling with white canes, tactile paving has been installed along the DART network. They run from the ticket barriers through to the lifts, escalators, toilets, help points and platforms.

Signpost Audio (1)

Audio frequency induction loops

We provide induction loop services for passengers travelling with hearing aids. These are available throughout the DART network and can be provided via the help points within the stations.

Signpost Help (1)

Help points

There are several help points located in both stations that connect passengers with a member of staff. These are available for passengers that require additional accessibility support, information, or emergency services.