Opening Hours

Peak: 06.00 – 09.30 and 14.00 – 18.00
Off-Peak is all other times.
Super-Off-Peak: 22.00 - 04.00

At Peak times, DART shuttles run up to every 4 minutes.
At Off-Peak times, DART shuttles run up to every 7 minutes.
At Super-Off-Peak times, there are 4-6 departures per hour depending on demand.

Please note the schedules can vary depending on demand as we monitor the number of customers very closely so we can best adapt the service to minimise waiting times at both stations.

Even during disruptions to National Rail services, like strikes, we ensure the Luton DART remains functional. This means the Luton DART Parkway and Terminal stations are always open, 24/7, regardless of the status of the Luton Airport Parkway station.

If the Luton Airport Parkway is closed, kindly organise your drop-offs and pick-ups at our entrance on Kimpton Road, LU2 0NB.

No, there will be no Luton DART services on December 25th and 26th. This is because National Rail train services do not operate on these dates.


You can buy a DART only ticket via, this website will issue you a digital ticket.

You will need to scan the barcode of this digital ticket at the ticket barriers of Luton DART Parkway station or Central Terminal station, in order to ride the DART.

If you buy a rail ticket to or from Luton Airport via a train operator (Thameslink or Luton Airport Express) you can use your printed ticket via the ticket barriers in Luton DART Parkway station and Terminal stations to ride the DART.

Adult: £4.90

Child: £2.45 (aged 5-15 years old)

Children under 5: Free

Children under 5: Free

Children aged 5-15 years old : £2.45 one-way ticket

Please be aware, you can buy a Luton DART ticket as part of a standard rail ticket via any of these train operator websites below. To do so, simply select your destination as Luton Airport.

For example, you can buy a ticket from Kettering to Luton Airport – and this will include the DART in the journey to the airport.


We do not provide discounted tickets. We do however, provide concessionary fares to specific users, for example persons with a registered disability badge.

Please note all tickets that are purchased on the Luton DART website and through the station QR codes are non-refundable.

For tickets purchased alongside your train ticket please contact your respective rail operator.

Yes, if you have bought a ticket for a specific date and your flight is delayed after midnight of that day, you will still be able to use your ticket until 03:30am of the following day.

Yes, we accept contactless payments at our station ticket machines and ticket barriers. Simply tap your card or device to proceed.


We do not accept Oyster card payments within the Luton DART or Central Terminal stations.


From the point of application, it can take up to 72 hours for it to be approved.

A general concession account allows you to order 4 tickets per day, so yes you can get a ticket for your carer. Please note a return ticket is classed as 2 tickets.

You can order up to 4 single tickets or 2 return tickets per day.

No, you will need to register for a concession account here and order a ticket through

The half-price concession account is for Luton residents residing in the Luton Borough Council area only.

A file is an electronic copy of your proof of identity such as a digital photograph of your Bus Pass or Disability Badge.


We recommend passengers’ book their accessibility service via their chosen airline / rail operator, this notification will be passed to the Luton DART team to assist your handover between London Luton Airport and Luton Airport Parkway station.

For London Luton Airport Accessibility

For Thameslink Railway Accessibility  

For East Midlands Railway Accessibility

Check out our Accessibility page ahead of your journey. 

If you are a holder of a companion pass to accompany a disabled person to travel, you can register for a concessions account the same as the disabled pass holder. Once you both have an account you can order a ticket each to travel for free. Please note you should have your pass with you when travelling. You can apply for a concessions account by clicking here.

Luton DART Parkway Station and Central Terminal Station are both staffed 24/7. Staff assistance and accessibility support is available at all times.

We have highlighted in blue our recommended accessibility route from Luton Airport Parkway Station to the Airport on the map on our accessibility page.

There are information screens and audio announcements throughout the stations that relay rail and airline information.

If passengers have further enquiries, they can ask a member of staff or they can connect with the Luton DART team via a help point.

Yes. We have highlighted the seating areas across the DART network on the map on our accessibility page.

Yes, there is an animal relief area at the Kimpton Road entrance of Luton DART Parkway Station.

Lost Property

If you lose any property on the Luton DART network, please complete a lost property enquiry via our contact us form.

Feedback & Complaints

If you would like to give us any feedback about the service you have received on the Luton DART network, please complete a feedback enquiry via our contact us form.